Harvey Franks

Playboy Archaeologist


By using Archaeology or a suitable Interpersonal ability, you can get access to museum storage areas or be allowed to handle artifacts. (You will likely not get to carry them away with you legally, regardless.) If you have academic credentials (both an Archaeology rating of 2+ and a Credit Rating of 3+), you can get access to closed stacks at a university library.


A flamboyant, media-savvy man-of-action and a total prick. A well-travelled man makes for a better cad, being all windswept, interesting and generally full of it.

This character is deeply in debt (despite his Credit Rating of at least 5) to a group of hoods who will break his hands unless he pays what he owes. They make regular appearances to abduct him, threaten him, trash his house and generally make his life a misery.

He needed someone to fund his last highly publicised expedition, promising them a cut of the profits, but the expedition fizzed. His star was ascendant in the 20’s, but Orientalism is on the way out and gallivanting adventurers are yesterday’s news. Nowadays people are more worried about putting food on the table. Also, the dig was a bust. He found nothing worth selling. Which means he’s up to his ears in debt to a bunch of hoods to the tune of one expedition to the Middle East. However, if he could come up with the goods (tomes, texts, artifacts) from somewhere then that’d be different.

In a nutshell: He owes more money than he can front; the kind of colossal amount that only the sale of an antiquity could cover. He is also in a bind, having very few liquid assets, having tied it all up on his last venture, which these thugs helped to finance. This means he has enough to maintain his playboy lifestyle, but is still in deep shit. Practically it has no effect on his access to funds in the game. The debt is greater than his Credit Rating, whatever it is.

Harvey Franks

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