Colby Samuels

Formidable antiquarian


Colby owns and manages ‘Timeless Treasures’, a reputable store specialising in literary, artistic and ornamental antiquities and collectables. From time to time (once per adventure), provided he remembers that it is there, he is able to use one of his stock items for its intended purpose.


Colby was born in 1882 to a middle class family in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a child he spent many happy hours in his father’s book store reading stories about people and ancient cultures from all around the world. Captured by the ancient world, Colby went on to study history at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He graduated with honours in 1904 and was immediately re-employed to work at the university.

In 1905, he married Clara Lancaster, a fellow student and settled down to his new life as a University Lecturer in Yale immediately commencing his doctoral research. Clara, an extremely gifted historian working in a time when women found it hard to achieve academic recognition, secured work in the university library. Both immersed themselves in their studies, travelling the world both together and apart until the birth of their daughter, Audrey, in 1909.

His doctoral research well behind him, Colby was offered a prestigious Professorship at Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts in 1916. He, Clara and Audrey settled comfortably into life in Essex County. As Colby continued his historical studies and work at the university, Clara develops a strong friendship with Professor Alice Derleth from the Occult Sciences Department at Arkham University. Clara’s interest in the occult continues to build until, without warning, in 1920, Clara mysteriously vanishes from her office in the Arkham University Library. <insert>

1926 (44) – Leave Arkham University (still on Board)

1934 (52) – Now

Key others – Employee, housekeeper

Colby Samuels

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